Crypto Mining

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[LuxuCM - Crypto Mining ]

A crypto mining experience like you've never seen before!


Without LuxuCEX, you can't use the bitcoin mined.
Unless you plan on creating your own system, I advise you to purchase the LuxuCEX + LuxuCM bundle!



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Included in the script:

  • Crypto Mining Script
  • Custom User Interface for the job

 free MLO and Miner Prop

Requirements:  📝

QBCore Framework:

Included in the latest version

  • qb-target
  • qb-notify
  • qb-menu

ESX Legacy Framework:

  • q-target
  • PolyZone
  • nh-context


  • OxLib and oxtarget are also supported.
  • LuxuCEX (Required for exchanging mined bitcoin for ingame money)

About this script:

With this crypto mining job, players will be able to roleplay mining Bitcoin.

If you own, LuxuCEX - Crypto Exchange, players will be able to exchange this Bitcoin for in-game money.

To mine, they will need to talk with Satoshi Nakamoto (NPC) and become a miner.

Then they need to buy a warehouse and a miner.

After this, they must install the miner in one of the 12 available rigs (each rig can have up to 10 miners installed),

While they mine bitcoin, there is a chance some disaster occurs, they will be required to fix the disaster before they are allowed to mine again.

Miners can be overclocked to increase their hashrate (mining power)

Miners have a health system, overtime with use, they lose some health until they become permanently broken.

After their health and maxhealth reaches 0, the miner is permanently destroyed.

Overclocking the miner increases the damage speed.

To slow down the miner damage, the player can increase the fan speed.

Both overclocking and fan speed, increase power consumption.

Every x time, players are required to pay power bills.

If they fail to pay the power bills, they aren't allowed to mine.

The amount of bitcoin they can receive is dependent on two things:

  • Maximum bitcoin per block (defined in the config.lua file)
  • The total amount of hashrate the player is using to mine Bitcoin.

The more Hashrate they have, the more bitcoin they will receive up to the limit defined in the config.


You can now have employees and split the payments!

Future updates:

There are plans for adding more mining options, more miners and maybe some missions.

None of this is confirmed. 

Recommendations are appreciated

This script is encrypted and uses FiveM Asset Escrow System