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LuxuAdmin is a powerful FiveM admin menu that allows you to easly manage your server.

This script has a very responsive UI and offers alot of information about your players. It also includes a ban/kick and warn systems.

If you own LuxuCM or LuxuCEX, this is also perfect for you.

This menu can be used to have fun too.

With our personalized customer support, you can expect this script to fit your needs.

[Some unique features]

- Possess player - This allows you to take control of the player character (only visual, no inventory and things of that nature, the player will be spectating you while you are possessing him)

- Ped and Car previews - This is very usefull when you don't know what you want. (custom player and car models can be added)

- Weapon and Ammo lists - This is also very useful if you don't know the name of the items you want.

[Report System]

Chat with your players in real time!


[Bans and Warnings]

All info is stored localy, if requested I will update with database support.

There will be some configuration required since some features are highly dependent on what server script you are running.

**A significant part of the code is open to allow these changes.**


To run this script you need **ESX** or **QBCore**


To access the Warehouses Menu you need to own LuxuCM

To access the update CEX ASSETS option you need to own LuxuCEX

This script is encrypted and uses FiveM Asset Escrow System